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Enrolled Minters may mint and redeem ETHtz through the ETHtz Minting Portal.

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How to Mint ETHtz

The process of minting ETHtz is the same as the process to mint USDtz

Who can mint/redeem ETHtz? 

You can enroll through the onboarding platform and subject to your agreement to and compliance with certain requirements, you’ll be able to mint and redeem ETHtz. Those who are whitelisted to mint and redeem ETHtz are referred to as minters/redeemers (interchangeably) in the USDtz ecosystem. Enrollment for ETHtz mintings and redemptions will initially be open ONLY to verified non-US individuals and institutions (including bakers) with at least $1,000,000 in assets.

Who can hold ETHtz?

Any Tezos wallet can send and receive ETHtz but not everyone can mint/redeem ETHtz. Minters are always the initial holders, and the ETHtz amount they mint is minted directly in their Tezos wallet. However, minters may wish to diversify the custody of the ETHtz to different Tezos wallets they hold for security reasons. 

Important Note: ETHtz is not available in certain jurisdictions, including the United States. Please see the terms and conditions for further information. If you are a citizen or resident of these prohibited jurisdictions, do not participate. This article is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee anyone the right or the ability to purchase or use ETHtz. 


ETHtz is a stablecoin from StableTez. StableTez (Tezos Stablecoins) is a family of stablecoins that run on the Tezos blockchain and adhere to the Tezos FA token standard, which is the universal Tezos token standard.

StableTez assets, including its parent governance token SABZ are issued by the Tezos Stablecoin Foundation — a non-shareholder foundation dedicated to advancing Tezos DeFi through building infrastruture and offering resources for ecosystem support.



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